Some shocking facts about detention of refugees worldwide:

Some shocking facts and figures about those kept in detention throughout the world, including Iranian refugees:

ORB (2007): “Illegal immigrants that have been in this country for four or more years and that have worked and paid taxes should no longer be described as illegal/should be allowed to stay”

Persian New Green Movement Radio Interview 58 with Walt Martin – Director of the Iranian Refugees Action Network

Persian New Green Movement Radio Show # 58: English Section: Interview with Mr. Walt Martin about his activities for Iranian asylum seekers. Interview with Dr. Arash Irandoost about Pro Democracy Organization and revealing about lobbyist for Iran Regime. Persian section: Interview with Dr. Arash Irandoost,May%2021,%202011.mp3

Walt Martin, Director of Iranian Refugees Action Network Interview 15th May 2011 Radio Hamseda

 Walt Martin, Director of Iranian Refugees Action Network: Live Interview with Radio Hamseda 15th May on the subject of difficulties facing Iranian refugees and advice for them.   Arash Irandoost was also interviewed. Here is the direct link to the radio station – please access the archives for 15th May 2011 and spread the word: