Cuts in aid for migrants and asylum seekers may inflict hardship on 100,000 children born in the UK

SAVAGE cuts to legal aid for migrants and asylum seekers will inflict extreme hardship on their 100,000 ­children, experts warn.

Though most were born in the UK to foreign parents, they will be left in limbo after legal help for them to become British citizens was axed.

The children are termed ­“undocumented” – meaning they have no residency status or passport, says a study by Oxford University, due to be published in October.

Author Dr Nando Sigona said: “Some of these children are completely invisible. They speak perfect English, attend school and have a GP.

They only find out their legal status when they near 18 and try to enrol at university or travel abroad, and find it is not possible.”

The research calls for the reinstatement of the seven-year concession, which was stopped in 2008.

It gives people who enter the UK as children the right to stay after seven years.

Read more here in the Daily Mirror report of 23rd August 2011:

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