Immigration Bail Hearings: A Travesty of Justice? – A detainee’s view

Immigration Bail Hearings: A Travesty of Justice? – A detainee’s view

From the Campaign to Close Campsfield:


“This judge completely ignored the ethical requirement of the profession that  gives no room for any partiality between the contending parties. He addresses me uncaring of the consequences of his utterances. The hatred he has for me was so manifest. He was blunt in his approach and he was openly prejudiced towards me. I felt so humiliated by his actions.”

 “He reacted stating that his advice for me was to withdraw all my judicial review claims and get on the plane to Nigeria if I do not want to continue suffering myself in detention. He said I’m the one suffering myself and he could not help my situation unless I help myself by getting on the plane to Nigeria. He never commented on my medications and condition in particular but concluded that the onus is on me to save myself the pain of detention.”

Extracts of complaint from Abiola Ayobola, 28 July 2011, then a detainee at Campsfield House, about his bail hearing held via video link.

Read the detailed complaint in full

Read the contrasting five-line long refusal of bail note from the judge

See also the Campaign’s report Immigration Bail Hearings: A Travesty of Justice

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