Important Legal Update for Refugees Wanting to Come to the UK and NGO’s that Assist Them

Thanks to NCADC for this important update (10th September 2011):

Legal update from ILPA, 9 September

ILPA website

Update 42 now available at ILPA’s new improved website, alongside a whole load of other useful info sheets, legal briefings and publications…

  • Asylum Screening Unit – making asylum claims;
  • Family Returns – opening of new detention centre for children;
  • HM Inspectorate of Prisons – reports on 2 deportation charters and on HMP Long Lartin;
  • Legal Aid Bill – latest update;
  • Students – changes to the Immigration Rules;
  • Relatives of Points Based System migrants;

Asylum Screening Unit

The “Making Asylum Claims 2” information sheet should be read with last month’s “Making Asylum Claims” information sheet. It highlights that the UK Border Agency is now seeking to take information by telephone from asylum-seekers before they come to the Asylum Screening Unit in Croydon. It gives details of the information that asylum-seekers (or their representatives) may be asked for if they wish to make an appointment to claim asylum at the Unit.

Family Returns

On 5 September 2011, the UK Border Agency announced the opening of its new pre-departure accommodation (CEDARS) at which families may be detained prior to removal. Read the briefing here

HM Inspectorate of Prisons

1. Inspections of removals to Jamaica and Nigeria
2. report on HMP Long Lartin – foreign nationals suspected of terrorist involvement
The reports are available at HMI prisons webpages

Legal Aid Bill

The Public Bill Committee has now had three sittings considering the provisions in the Bill. It has finished considering all the civil Legal Aid provisions. The Government has made only one immigration-related concession to date – that it will make some provision for Legal Aid for some victims of domestic violence. It has not acted on this yet. Meanwhile, the debates in Committee on the Bill have generally avoided immigration matters.


There have recently been several changes to the Immigration Rules affecting students and educational bodies sponsoring students to study in the UK. These changes mean that the March 2010 “Students” information no longer contains reliable information. Current information is provided by the “Students 3” and “Points Based System – Sponsors (Tier 4)” information sheets.

Relatives of Points Based System migrants

The “Points Based System – Dependants” information sheet provides current information about relatives of Points Based System migrants (students and workers).


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