No One Should Be Force-Fed If On Hunger Strike Because There Is No One Listening

Another example of the barbarity with which asylum seekers and refugees are faced in Europe.  Here is a case where a hunger-striker may be force fed because the UKBA are trying to make a case to say he is mentally incapable because he is so desperate he has gone on a hunger strike.  The reason why he is so desperate is because no one will listen to him and he needs his voice to be heard.


UK Asylum Seeker’s Family: Authorities Abandoned Him Before He Died

The shocking system that asylum seekers in the UK face – Asylum seeker’s family say authorities abandoned him before his death – WHERE is our humanity? Grieving relatives of a destitute asylum seeker have accused the authorities of abandoning him before his death.

Ateech Aldosari died shortly before Christmas after suffering a heart attack on a bus.

The 42-year-old, from Kuwait, came to Britain in 2007 to escape oppression in his homeland.

He claimed political asylum but the UK Government rejected his application and for the last two years he was homeless, living hand-to-mouth in Glasgow.

He is survived by his wife and five children whom he had not seen for five years.

Ateech suffered from depression, diabetes and high blood pressure and was only able to survive on the streets because of the kindness of friends and charities.

Yesterday, they condemned the Government for stripping asylum seekers of all support after their applications fail in an attempt to force them to leave.

Torture on rise in Afghan jails, says UN report

Kandahar prison

The use of torture has risen in Afghan police jails over the past year, and there are “credible reports” the country’s intelligence service has created secret prisons and sometimes hides detainees from international observers, a damning UN survey has found.

Just over half of prisoners held in connection with Afghanistan‘s long-running war endured torture or ill-treatment while in custody between October 2011 and October 2012, with 14 different methods recorded, including electric shocks, twisting of genitals, beatings with cables and rifle butts and suspension from the wrists or feet.

In southern Kandahar city, which appears to have the most extensive and deep-rooted problems with torture, dozens of men have also “disappeared” while in police custody, according to the 123-page report by the UN’s human rights office in Afghanistan, which includes a detailed, 20-page response from the Afghan government.

Torture is unlikely to diminish unless ministers and top security commanders are willing to prosecute and fire officials connected with mistreatment, and stop using confessions obtained through torture in court cases, the top UN human rights official in Afghanistan warned.

Iran regime colludes with Iran to deport a ‘UN-protected refugee’

Iraq colluded with Iran to deport refugee, now facing death.  Hear his Iraq cell-mate telling his story:

The Iraqi authorities colluded with the Iranian regime in the illegal refoulement of UNHCR-mandated Ahwazi Arab refugee Mohammad Ali Amouri, according to his former cellmate Saleh Hamid.

Hamid spent three years in prison with Amouri in Iraq. His allegations come alongside documentary proof that the Iraqi government ignored UNHCR appeals to prevent Amouri’s extradition, contrary to international law. He said: “We were in the same section where we underwent torture, repression and suffering, sharing sadness and happiness together. I know he was not affiliated to any Ahwazi political party.”