UK Asylum Seeker’s Family: Authorities Abandoned Him Before He Died

The shocking system that asylum seekers in the UK face – Asylum seeker’s family say authorities abandoned him before his death – WHERE is our humanity? Grieving relatives of a destitute asylum seeker have accused the authorities of abandoning him before his death.

Ateech Aldosari died shortly before Christmas after suffering a heart attack on a bus.

The 42-year-old, from Kuwait, came to Britain in 2007 to escape oppression in his homeland.

He claimed political asylum but the UK Government rejected his application and for the last two years he was homeless, living hand-to-mouth in Glasgow.

He is survived by his wife and five children whom he had not seen for five years.

Ateech suffered from depression, diabetes and high blood pressure and was only able to survive on the streets because of the kindness of friends and charities.

Yesterday, they condemned the Government for stripping asylum seekers of all support after their applications fail in an attempt to force them to leave.

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