Sunni Prisoners’ Families Ask For Help to Save Their Children

Ghezehhesar Prison, Iran

Ghezehhesar Prison, Iran

The Iranian Refugees Action Network, like many others, is appalled at the treatment of three Sunni prisoners in Iran.  They are on death row simply because their religious beliefs are different to those dictated by Khamenei, and has resulted in them being sentenced to death.  They have committed no crimes.  They are in the notorious Ghezelesar prison, and have sent a letter out asking for help from human right organizations and institutions.  The prisoners are so desperate, they are currently in their 30th day of hunger strike.  By this stage in a hunger strike, the body’s fat reserves have been exhausted and it begins to feed upon itself with consequences such as loss of sight and hearing.  Speech becomes slurred and  the skin grows dry and scaly. The hunger striker suffers vomiting, difficulty swallowing and internal bleeding.

Here is their letter:

In the name of God

We are the families of the prisoners, Jamshid Dehghani, Hamed Ahmadi and Kamal Rouyayi who have spent about 4 years under mental and physical tortures in prison and likely to be executed. They are kept with prisoners with drug dealing sentences and in a very bad environment and condition. Every day, they are treated by a new excuse and/or reason. The reason of their detentions under this condition is not clear for us yet, even though they should have been kept with people of the same charges, according to the penal code. Now, it is about a month that they are in hunger strike and they are in a serious bad health condition.

Stomach bleeding and blood pressure drop have caused in some collapses and loosing conscientious, and still no authority is considered their demands.

Our children’s charge is to be a Sunni and have different ideas. Since five years ago, which our children were sentencing to prison, one by one, we suffered from mental tortures align side with them.

We do not know where and how to get the sound of this innocence. Despite all of our corresponding to offices of (Ayatollah) Khamenehei, Parliament (members), President, judiciary and general attorney, and our sit in, we did not have receive any response, but treat!

We as families of six prisoners in death row, request from all of the human right organizations and institutes, to contemplate our children’s condition, and request from all free media to send our voice of innocence, to all awakened consciousness, in order to prevent their executions.


Reproduced from HRANA –

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