Manus island Iraqi asylum seekers continue protests; IOM contradicts Minister – Iraq is unsafe : Refugee Action Coalition

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Up to 25 Iraqi asylum seekers in Delta Compound in the Manus Island detention centre are maintaining their protest for “Freedom.”

The Iraqis who began their peaceful protest last week have been maintaining a 24 hour-protest, since Friday 20 June, sleeping outside on the grass near the gate to the compound.

The Iraqis’ protest began as full-blown sectarian conflict engulfed most of Iraq and following comments from Scott Morrison that the Australian government would continue to forcibly deport Iraqis to the war zone, and would not progress protection claims by Iraqis on Manus or in Australia.

But IOM (International Organisation of Migration) has directly contradicted Morrison’s stance and says it will not facilitate any removals of Iraqis.

IOM told a handful of Iraqis on Manus Island who asked about possible voluntary returns that Iraq is too dangerous and the IOM and Iraqis will not be sent from Manus…

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